The career of A.G. Weinberger started in his birthplace, Nagyvárad, after he decided as a young boy, that he will become a guitarist. As an ethnic Hungarian, this was no easy feat in socialist Romania, however thanks to his dedication, he ended up creating and bringing to success the first blues band of the country – and then several other formations as well.

In the early 2000s, he spent 7 years in the United States, where he had the chance to play in the legendary clubs of the genre, and he also recorded a successful album is Nashville.

Even though he was gaining momentum, and was talked about as a “first class, charismatic guitarist” in the industry, he decided to move back home in 2006. Since then he dominated the Romanian musical scene, received several prizes and state awards, and had his own TV and Radio shows as well.

As a new chapter has begun in his life, A.G. now decided to put more focus on live performances again, and to bring his unique musical message to as many people and countries as possible.


"A very good and dynamic guitar man."

B.B. King

"World class music, with a unique flavor."

Las Vegas Review Journal

"He is an extraordinary friend and a true Bluesman."

Son Seals

"An excellent and charismatic guitarist."

Brian Spencer, Radio KUNV 91.5 FM, Las Vegas

"In his music there is honesty and a real passion."

The Jonesboro Sun

"A resonant name, a music very well performed, well recorded, well arranged and well produced."

Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records

"He is simply a monument of the American Musical treasure - the Blues."

Call Back Magazine